ZOOM works around your schedule to minimise any disruptions to your business. Early starts, overnighters, weekends? No problem!

Equipment to protect your valuable possessions

ZOOM Business Relocation uses advanced technology equipment to make every move safe as it is secure. We make sure that all your archives and office equipment are moved swiftly and smoothly at all times. Our business move equipment has crates and dollies to provide unparalleled ease, protection and safe handling of all your goods from heavy archives to the most sensitive business equipment.

High protection Crates

Our professional plastic moving crates are individually numbered and sealed with special locking tamper proof tags. These crates are just perfect for moving sensitive archives and IT equipment, which have to be kept secure throughout the moving process. Lightweight yet strong, they form the perfect carriers to give you peace of mind throughout the move. So no more heavy boxes collapsing under the weight! Our crates don’t buckle an inch! Add to that, our crates are water-proof as well for even more protection!


There is no need to lift anything yourself! Our movers neatly stack the crates and load all equipment and other item on the dollies to move them around with beautiful ease. This reduces back strain and any risk of injury. If you have ever packed a box full of archives, you might have known how heavy they can be. Our crates come complete with ergonomic handles, for a safe and much better grip.

Office Paperwork Security

Our crates are specially designed to fit binders and hanging files snuggly. We ensure there’s no excess movement leading to loosening of your documents. These crates suit phones, IT equipment, and other items important items in your business.

Environmentally Friendly Strategy

Our crates are made from recyclable polypropylene plastic, which is reusable for unlimited times. Our crates last up to 10 years, where an ordinary crate or cardboard carton lasts just for a few moves. This way, we aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Everything at Zoom is truly professional and trustworthy.

Our Business and Office Relocation Rates are Unbeatable

For a no-obligation on-site visit to your business to obtain a fixed price quote, contact ZOOM Business Relocation today.

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Our business removal services cover Sydney CBD, greater Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, as well as out to the Blue Mountains and beyond. ZOOM Removals also undertakes business moves from Sydney outbound to Melbourne and Adelaide.

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